Watch horrified as I ruin Tumblr.

Watch horrified as I ruin Tumblr.

Valley kid, hobbyist, Trekkie, geek... loser.

Hm, is that the White Scrimshaw Ale? That’s really lovely… Waitress, can I get a glass of this… For my mouth? Thank you.

Stu after having a beer thrown in his face, A to Z




Reblog if you’ve ACTUALLY used any of these things. 

Yes all of them, thank you very much. You should have included a typewriter in that puppy!

And a microfiche machine.

Mimeograph. Man, that blueish ink smelled weird…

Tumblr User Handbook Chapter 4:


Tags are for appropriate subjects, smart ass remarks and inner monologue. Save the fifty hashtags stating you are a gender specific human wastoid with tattoos for instagram. No one cares about your selfie tags here, back of the line scum!

Wait a second now, if I could just throw my two cents in here… I really couldn’t give a damn one way or the other.

Norm Peterson (via fuckyeahnormandcliff)

Personal philosophy

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