Watch horrified as I ruin Tumblr.

Watch horrified as I ruin Tumblr.

Valley kid, hobbyist, Trekkie, geek... loser.

fookyeahconradveidt asked: Awwww, que bella chiquita! I always love seeing what people's kitties look like. BTW, I meant to ask you about this ages ago--when I reblogged that post about Bellygunner, you liked it, and I wondered if you had actually heard of that band, or if you just liked the name or the album cover art or...? Just curious, for reasons I can explain anon. :)

I liked it because of that one episode of Amazing Stories and the fact that being a belly gunner had to be one of the most ridiculous, scary, and amazing jobs during the Second World War.

Answering publicly to raise Bellygunner awareness. I don’t know if they’re amazing but I have friends who think they are and that’s enough for me.

thekrug asked: I think your Abby is more of a Instagram personality :)

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you should, because I’ll be posting a picture of my cat tonight. 

I only crosspost from there once in a while, when it’s a super-cool one.