Watch horrified as I ruin Tumblr.

Watch horrified as I ruin Tumblr.

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My favorite building in Los Angeles.

This house was built by my great-grandfather on to a then-newly-abandoned Pacific Electric Rail Car (same make and model as the Formosa Cafe {I think a nearby cul-du-sac, Formosa Court, is named after the house}) for his family to help ensure they could avoid deportation during Repatriation in the 1930’s.

Unfortunately for this building no major (or minor, for that matter) improvements have ever been made… Sure, some stucco or tar to patch it up, but that’s it. It was even condemned once in the 1970’s and now stands as a testament to just how bullheaded my Tata could be.

I’ve held onto it for longer than I should out of blind sentimentality (what are you supposed to do when a place has your name and hand imprints in every concrete surface poured since the mid-seventies?) and will probably soon embark on the cathartic experience of tearing the place down with my bare teeth.

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