Watch horrified as I ruin Tumblr.

Watch horrified as I ruin Tumblr.

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30 Days of Doctor Who

Day 30 - Why Do YOU Love Doctor Who

What I love about Doctor Who is that its mythology can be applied all across fiction.  Let’s think about Time Lords and their technology for a moment, shall we?

Regenerating, ‘bigger on the inside,’ geniuses, Chameleon Circuits, time travel, hiding from Gallifrey law, gadgets, ridiculous fashion sense, companions, sweets (jelly babies in particular), strange nicknames, corridors, running…

Now, let’s apply this to things you may know quite well:

Oscar the Grouch: Trash can is bigger on the inside (it is noted that it boasts such amenities as a farm, swimming pool, ice, rink, bowling alley, and a piano), companions (Slimey and Fluffy {who says they have to be human?}).  When applied, we can determine that Oscar is a Time Lord on his last regeneration (hence his strange look and matted fur) hiding out in a tiny neighborhood in New York.  Ever notice that his trash can is conveniently located right where it needs to be?  Fully functioning dematerialization circuit.

Alice the Maid:  Ever notice that the Brady house interiors don’t quite match the exterior (where does the attic fit!)? Have you ever seen the inside of Alice’s room (or is it a control room)? and she regenerated once (movie actress)!  Also, that maids uniform! Here we obviously have a renegade Time Lord stranded. In order to properly disguise her malfunctioning TARDIS, she has obviously hypnotized (a la The Master) an architect (Mr. Brady) into thinking he has designed this house.  She has reluctantly taken on these companions to better preserve her cover.

007: At least six regenerations in, this renegade Gallifreyan has a penchant for gadgets and over the top cars.  I believe we can safely assume that Her Majesty’s Secret Service has his TARDIS safely impounded and out of reach.

Mary Poppins:  This Time Lady arrives at her new companion’s home using what is obviously a null-gravity rod with solar sails attached at the top for steering carrying what can only be her TARDIS (using room switching and her psychic link, she can easily pull what she needs out of it).  Her Isolus friend is obviously hiding on Earth too, in the form of a simple chimney sweep. I’m quite sure she used a “spoon full of sugar” when dealing with the Cyberman/Movellan War…

Professor Chronotis:  This doctor of chronology, tenured at Cambridge in the book Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency was actually directly taken from an unaired episode that Douglas Adams wrote (Shada)!  Same name, same character… ‘nuff said.

Merlin:  Impossibly ancient, speaks to his own lack of humanity, used what must have been a genetic lock on a device of inconceivable power to keep it from those who it did not belong to…  This one may be the Doctor himself, as the possibility is alluded to in the story line “Battlefield” by his nemesis Morgaine.

I would love it if you told me about YOUR Time Lords too!

I really hope you have enjoyed my 30 Days of Doctor Who (working link this time!), now back to your regularly scheduled full frontal nerdity…